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for Programming Principles
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Grand Challenges in Software 2.0

The software landscape is changing in fundamental ways:

  • Computing will be profoundly shaped by AI and autonomy
  • Systems will need to be designed for resilience against adversarial actors
  • Platforms will be driven by accelerators and new kinds of hardware

PL research can provide answers to some of the essential questions:

  • Robust, explainable, efficient AI
  • Formal verification of smart contracts
  • Compilers and runtimes for emerging hardware platforms

Research Areas

PL, Compilers,
Formal Methods



Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Language design, compiler implementation, static and dynamic analysis, type systems, formal verification, program repair, program synthesis, domain-specific languages, generative programming, ...

Data management, programmable dataplanes, query compilation, incremental computation, graph analytics, distributed consensus, irregular parallelism, heterogeneous architectures, ...

Systems security, differential privacy, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, hyperledger, secure multi-party computation, homomorphic encryption, communication privacy, side channels, ...

Deep learning, natural language processing, graph neural networks, relational learning, generative models, differentiable and probabilistic programming, ...

Open Positions - Join Us!


The Purdue CS and ECE departments are always looking to hire excellent faculty, especially in PurPL-relevant areas.

Post-Doc & Engineer

There are multiple post-doc and engineer positions available various ongoing projects. Please see here for an overview of current openings.


PurPL faculty are always looking for new talented PhD students. Please apply through the regular channels in the Purdue CS and ECE departments.

Visitor & Intern

PurPL hosts short and long-term visiting researchers as well as visiting or exchange students, arranged either individually or through programs such as GoBoilers.

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